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HRC-Flow sensor

SKU: HRC-Flow sensor



Model: HRC-Flow sensor

Voltage: DC4.5-18V

Current: ≤10ma

Flow: 2-30L/Min

Water flow sensor Water flow sensor

Operating principle

As liquid passes through the flow sensor body, the magnetic rotor spins at a rate proportional to flow. This Causes a series of magnetic fields (the rotor vanes) to excite the Hall Effect sensor, producing a series of voltage pulses


* Imported components of the magnetic switch

* Simple working principle

* Highly reliable

* Easy to install

* No standby power requirements

* Cheap costs

Water flow sensor need connected our controller board and feedback water flow rate to controller board and show on the screen. Below is newest controller board which is designed by our R&D department. 


high quality Water flow sensor for diode laser hair removal equipment




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