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Home Diode laser water filter MC-filter-model B-PP

MC-filter-model B-PP

SKU: MC-filter-model B-PP



Application: Used in diode laser hair removal machine, to fllter the DI water.

This set of filters includes a PP filter and an Ion exchage filter. These are used to deionize the ion from the water, and keep the water purified. It is necessary for Micro channel coold diode laser hair removal machine.

Water qualtiy required: DI water.

Material: PP, Resin

Temperature range : 5~45℃

Pressure range:0~1.6Mpa

Maximum flow: 8L/min

Suggestion: Change filters every 3 months

PP filter:

1. Suitable for machines from oriental-laser.

2. Big volume of ion-exchange.

3. The connector in PP filter is for 10mm water pipe.

4. Fast connector on ion-exchange filter is for 4/6mm water pipe .

Application details:

Used in diode laser hair removal machines:




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