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SKU: VS-MI-100-4-FL-B-808



This 400W 808nm micro channel laser diode is used for diode laser hair removal machine handpiece repair.


(1) 400W 808nm Micro channel Laser diode Feature

  1. Micro channel cooler Germany imported
  2. Expected lifetime: more than 40 millions shoots
  3. Special design for micro channel diode laser machine

4.Warranty: 6 months

(2)400W 808nm Micro channel Laser diode Advantages

  1. High laser power
  2. High efficiency
  3. Long lifetime high reliability
  4. Excellent beam characteristics

400W 808nm Micro channel Laser diode Specification:

Wavelength 808 ± 10 nm
Output Power per bar 100 W
Operation Mode cw, switched
Max. Pulse Width 600 ms
Max. Duty Cycle 60%
Numbers of bars 4
Bar-to Bar Spacing 1.8 mm
Polarization Mode TE
Wavelength Temp. Coefficient ~0.28 nm/℃
Threshold Current Ith ≤25 A
Operating Current Iop ≤110 A
Operating Voltage Vop /bar ≤2 V
Slope Efficiency ≥1.1W/A
Power Conversion Efficiency ≥50%
Operating Temperature 25±5 ℃
Storage Temperature 0~55℃
Coolant Deionized water
Conductivity <20 μs*cm-1
Max Inlet Pressure 380 kPa
Cooling: Flow rate: 0.3L/min ±10% / bar

Water Temperature: 15-25 ℃

Water Quality: Deionized 2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm

cooling system: Do not use any material that combination with copper would form galvanic elements

400W 808nm Micro channel Laser diode  Dimension:

400W 808nm Micro channel Laser diode Detail Photo:




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