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Home laser stack repair 808nm Dilas Diode Laser Stack VS-MI-100-5-Dilas-808 500w Dilas laser diode

VS-MI-100-5-Dilas-808 500w Dilas laser diode


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Model MI-100-5-Dilas-808
Number of bars 5 Bars
Single bar power 100W
Wavelength 808nm
Operation Mode CW

Product Description

Diode Laser Stack Quick Details

>500w laser power

>Diode laser bar from Germany

>lifetime: over 10000hours

>Customized mechanical part size

>Special design for diode laser hair removal machine


1. Oriental-laser focus on diode laser mounting 16 years;

2. We use a diode laser bar and micro channel cooler from Germany;

3. Unique gold coating technology with high reliability and stability;

4. Customized optional output power and wavelength;

5. Customized mechanical part size and diode stack dimensions;

6. Refurbishment and repair service for any other diode laser brand.Alma, Syneron,Dilas


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