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MC-filter-Model C-DI ion water filter

SKU: MC-filter-Model C-DI



MC-filter-Model C-DI ion water filter

Model: MC-filter-Model C-DI

Description of filters for laser beauty machine

Product:a set of filters for 755nm 808nm 1064nm diode laser hair removal beauty machine

Application: Used in diode laser hair removal machine or machines from oriental-laser , to filter the DI water.

Water qualtiy required: DI water.

Material:  Resin

Working temperature: 5~45℃

Working pressure: PP filter ≤04.Mpa, Ion exchange filter ≤0.1Mpa

Best outlet: PP filter: 2.5L/min, Ion exchange filter:1L/min

Life: PP filter: 8000 -11000L, No need to change Ion exchange filter if DI water.

Suggestion: Change filters once a year.

Ion exchanged filter:

Big volume of ion-exchange.

Fast connector on ion-exchange filter is for 4/6mm water pipe.






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