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Three misunderstandings of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal error zone 1: effective hair removal once
Laser hair removal usually takes 3-6 times, so that the hair can be removed for two reasons. One is that the hair follicles are mostly bundled together in three groups, opening in the same pore, and one hair in the pore is below it. One of the three hair follicles grows hair from one of the hair follicles, so one treatment can only destroy one hair follicle in one group; the other is hair growth for a period of time, divided into the growth period, the regression period, the rest period, and the growth period. Hair hair removal is 75% effective, and the regression period is 25%.

Laser hair removal error zone 2: hair loss after laser hair removal
At present, laser or glare therapy devices have the function of permanent hair removal, but most people do not think that after treatment, they do not have long hair. The permanentness here is not permanent in the true sense. The correct understanding of permanent hair removal should be that after laser treatment, the hair does not re-grow during a hair growth cycle.

Laser hair removal error zone 3: Anyone is suitable for laser hair removal.
In fact, not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal. Those with scar and photoallergic constitution; those with particularly dark skin color are not suitable for laser hair removal; other methods such as wax removal and patch removal for hair removal in six weeks; women during menstruation and pregnancy, and those who are too old or too young In the hair removal area, there are infected people, etc. are suitable for laser hair removal.


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