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15 questions about 808nm diode laser hair removal treatment

1. Is laser hair removal safe? Will it cause body odor? Will it affect perspiration?
808nm diode laser hair removal treatment is very safe. The laser only works on specific target tissues. The sebaceous glands and sweat glands do not contain melanin. Because they do not absorb the energy of the laser, they remain intact and will not cause the sweat glands to clog and will not appear. The sweat is not smooth, and it does not cause body odor.

2 Can laser hair removal be removed?
After the laser depilation, the skin is smooth and meticulous, and more than 85% of the hair disappears. Some customers still have a small amount of fine hair, which contains little melanin and has poor absorption of laser light. It has achieved the best laser hair removal treatment. Effect, no more hair removal treatment

3 Will laser hair removal be longer?
The standard of hair removal is that after the end of hair removal treatment, if there is no obvious hair growth for a long period of time (such as 3 to 5 years), then the hair removal treatment method is a permanent hair removal method. The 808nm laser hair removal core technology belongs to this type of treatment. For white-skinned, black-haired specialties, the core technology of ice-point laser hair removal can be considered as “permanent”, and the hair is no longer growing after treatment.

4. Can anyone do hair removal? Are there any taboos?
Normal skin: The laser can penetrate the skin smoothly to absorb the hair follicles.
But tan, dark skin: hinder laser penetration, easy to burn the skin;
Inflamed, injured skin: pigmentation in the dermis, interfere with laser action;
After plucking, white hair: There is no melanin in the hair follicle, and the laser does not work.

After sun exposure or pigmentation, it will affect the laser penetration. It is best to wait for the pigment to fade before doing it;
When there is inflammation or wound in the treatment site, you must first ensure that the skin remains in good condition before doing it;
Sympathetic or drug-induced hirsutism, first treat the possible symptoms before doing it;
White, lighter hair may react poorly to the laser and need more times;
Prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Customers with cardiac pacemakers are forbidden to do so.

5. Does the dark skin do the laser painless hair removal effect?
The 1064nm laser has the best therapeutic effect on dark skin. No matter how deep the skin is, it can be used for hair removal. For skin with deep skin, pay attention to sunscreen and good cooling to protect the epidermis.

6. Can facial fillers do laser hair removal?
After the face is filled with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and other filling materials, laser hair removal is not recommended immediately. After the laser penetrates the skin, the melanocytes absorb the light and cause the skin to have a heating process. Subcutaneously filled substances such as hyaluronic acid will accelerate the metabolic decomposition after being heated. Affecting the shaping effect, shortening the curative effect time, the friction of the probe will also change the molding shape, so it is not recommended to do similar laser depilation treatment.

7. Why can’t I remove hair after exposure?
After exposure, the skin is generally fragile and sensitive. There are invisible wounds that are invisible to the naked eye. At this time, the skin is very susceptible to stress and allergies. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary situations, it is recommended that after exposure. After the skin repair returns to normal for 1 month, the hair removal treatment will be done again.

8. Why is it necessary to take a week after removing the hair removal cream to remove hair?
Because hair removal cream is a chemical agent, it is more irritating to the skin, and the hair removal cream stays on the skin for a long time. If the skin is easy to be allergic and overuse, it is easy to cause redness and allergies, and even a rash occurs. People with sensitive physique should Use with caution, so after the hair removal cream is removed, the skin should be repaired before laser hair removal.

9. Why is it necessary to cure the hair before it is treated?
1) The target tissue of laser hair removal is melanin in the subcutaneous hair follicle. The hair on the surface of the skin not only competitively absorbs the laser, but also affects the effect of hair removal, and also increases the pain during treatment.
2) The unscratched hair is irradiated with laser light, and the hair is burnt after repeated light absorption.
3) The coked hair will stick to the laser window, which will burn the skin’s skin and affect the life of the laser.

10. Why do you want to do it in different stages?
Hair growth has to go through three stages: growth phase, regression period and rest period. During the growth period, there is a large amount of melanin in the hair follicles. The laser can destroy the hair follicles in this period. The hair follicles in the degenerative period have less melanin, and the laser damage to the hair follicles is weaker. There is almost no melanin in the hair follicle during the rest period. effect. Laser hair removal only removes all hairs in order to achieve permanent hair removal, so hair removal should be carried out 3 to 5 times. During the treatment, the therapist is required to closely observe the growth of the hair. Generally, the hair can be treated for the next treatment after the treatment is 2 to 3 mm in length, and the treatment site has no hair, and no laser treatment is performed.

11. Normal skin reaction after hair removal treatment?
1. The skin of the treatment site is reddish, and there is a hair follicle papule reaction around the thick black hair;
2. The treatment area has slight edema of the hair follicle, which is usually an immediate reaction after treatment, and some have a delayed reaction, such as 24 to 48 hours after treatment;
3. The skin in the treatment area has a feeling of heat and acupuncture, which is a normal phenomenon.

12. Precautions after laser hair removal?

1. After treatment, there will be a slight burning sensation at the treatment site and there will be lighter erythema around the hair follicle or even no skin reaction. If necessary, do a local ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes to relieve or eliminate the red heat phenomenon;
2. The residual hair present in the treatment area after treatment will fall off after 7 to 14 days;
3. A very small number of people will have mild itching, rash, sputum and other symptoms after a few days of treatment. This phenomenon is a normal reaction during hair growth. Please don’t worry, apply a good cold after applying Yuzhuo 2 to 3 days. Naturally alleviate this phenomenon; if it is found that sputum and rash have been infected, directly apply to Baidubang for 2 to 3 days, the inflammation will naturally subside;
4. Avoid bathing, sauna, hot springs, aerobics, etc. within 24 hours after treatment. The skin should be cleaned with cold or cold water on the day after treatment. Any cleaning products should be avoided during the cleaning process. A liquid or gel-like skin care product can be used for drying;
5. Pay attention to sun protection during treatment.

13. Why don’t you touch chemical things, strenuous exercise and spicy foods within 24 hours after hair removal?
1. Because the skin is active after depilation, the barrier function of the skin is reduced and it takes a while to repair.
2. In the sweat, such as sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and other salts, excessive accumulation of these acid and alkali components will damage the skin cells of the skin, causing sweat rash, folliculitis, eczema, lice, lice and so on.
3. Spicy food is irritating, so as not to cause inflammation of the treatment site, affecting the hair removal effect.

14. Why did the treatment grow in a few days?
It is a normal phenomenon. After the completion of the week, the hair roots burned out will be metabolized, and will fall off after 14 days, so there is no need for artificial treatment.

15. Why can’t I scratch myself after doing treatment?
Hair after pulling or scraping will stimulate the growth of hair, so it is not recommended to treat it yourself during treatment, which will affect the effect of hair removal.


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