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Factors affecting the price of laser hair removal

1, related to the size of the hair removal site
The main position of hair removal is the part of the lip, underarm, back, arm, leg, bikini line, etc., and the hair removal part of each beauty is different, and the price of 808nm laser hair removal is determined according to the range of hair removal parts. of.

2, related to the physical condition of the individual
Because each person’s specific situation is different, some people have thick hair, the difficulty of hair removal will be greater, and the number of times they need to remove hair will be more than the average person, and vice versa. The price of laser hair removal will increase as the difficulty increases.

3, related to the hospital selected by the beauty seeker
Large-scale hospitals are more advanced because of the higher-end laser equipment, more sophisticated doctors’ skills, and more experience. Therefore, the hair removal effect is more guaranteed, so the charging standard is generally higher.

4. Related to the selected hair removal device
There are many types of laser hair removal equipment, advanced hair removal equipment, hair removal effect and comfort will be much better, will also shorten the hair removal time and hair removal times, the price will be more expensive.


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